Blanco Brown Offers Comfort and Healing in New Single, ‘I Need Love’

The new track offers healing and positivity in the face of hardship.

Written by Drew Pearce
Blanco Brown Offers Comfort and Healing in New Single, ‘I Need Love’
Blanco Brown; Photo courtesy of BBR Music Group

Country and hip-hop crossover artist Blanco Brown, who masterminded the smash hit “The Git Up,” is back with a soulful, heartfelt new track “I Need Love.”

Though the song was originally written in 2016, the “TrailerTrap” creator decided to drop the song to provide comfort and healing to others, especially in the aftermath of the tornado that struck Nashville in early March.

“Purpose comes from something bigger than us,” the Georgia native shared. “Right now, my brothers and sisters in Nashville have had their world torn apart and they need love, at the same time people all over the world are going through struggles, and everyone everywhere needs love and support and I feel like this song is part of God’s plan as I follow my purpose.”

“I Need Love” tells the story of someone finding solace in hard times through the power of love. With a mellow rhythm, Brown adds his passionate vocals to create a powerful, emotionally raw experience.

After seeing how the citizens of Nashville came together in response to the damage that was done to their city, the singer, in addition to sharing his new song, also jumped at the chance to participate in fundraising events and take part in the neighborhood clean ups.

“I need love, we all need love; love and blessings,” Brown stated. “There can never be too much love.”