See Blanco Brown and Tim McGraw Duet ‘Don’t Take the Girl’

'The Git Up' hit maker just made one of his all-time dreams come true.

Written by Chris Parton
See Blanco Brown and Tim McGraw Duet ‘Don’t Take the Girl’
Blanco Brown and Tim McGraw; Photo via Facebook

Breakout star Blanco Brown just got done spending 12 weeks atop Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart with his irresistible hip-hop/country smash “The Git Up,” but that Platinum-selling feat may not be his most memorable achievement. The Georgia native recently got to duet with his country hero, Tim McGraw, and the moment was captured on film.

Getting together backstage at a recent show in Australia, Brown and McGraw spent time getting to know one another — and more importantly, making some music. In the video’s caption McGraw explains that he knew what his 1994 hit, “Don’t Take The Girl,” meant to Brown, so he invited the newcomer to sing it.

“I saw a story recently about Blanco Brown growing up in Atlanta, spending summers in the country with his mom and aunty,” McGraw posted. “He mentioned that ‘Don’t Take The Girl’ was one of the first country songs he was turned on to. When I heard our paths were finally gonna cross in Australia, I reached out … and this is how it went. … I’m a fan.”

The acoustic clip puts a spotlight on Brown’s unique vocal delivery, and McGraw is clearly stunned by what he hears. The country icon shakes his head and keeps reacting in disbelief — as if he’s hearing his own song for the first time. And for his part, Brown is obviously moved by the experience, too. After it’s over, both of the stars seem to agree they shouldn’t let this collaboration be their last.

“I never knew what the song meant,” Brown said, explaining the monumental impact McGraw’s powerful hit had on his life. “Then, after I reviewed it again and listened over and over, I was like ‘Oh, this song is so deep and full of purpose.’ And then I decided to make my whole life about purpose, and [not letting] my street circumstances be my reality. And it all started with Tim.”

“Oh, that’s awesome,” McGraw replies. “[I’m a] big fan. Let’s do some more work together.”

McGraw’s latest single, “Thought About You,” is out now, and Brown is poised to drop another track off his debut album, Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs.