BobbyCast Recap: Bobby Bones Talks With Blanco Brown About His Childhood and The Rise Of ‘The Git Up’

Blanco's love for music goes way back to childhood...

BobbyCast Recap: Bobby Bones Talks With Blanco Brown About His Childhood and The Rise Of ‘The Git Up’
Blanco Brown; Photo Credit: J.Kaviar

On episode #210 of the BobbyCast, Bobby Bones was joined by singer Blanco Brown, whose song “The Git Up” garnered major success this past year. Bobby talked to Blanco about the hit song, but he also asked about the singer’s upbringing. Blanco, whose real name is Benny, grew up in the city of Atlanta, but also spent time in the country with his family in the summertime. He explained to Bobby what life was like in Atlanta.

“Three bedroom apartment, brick walls inside out, no soft landing, hard concrete floors, three families in one three bedroom apartment,” Blanco says. “It was me, my aunt, my cousins, my grandma, my other aunt. Violence — not in the household, but outside the household everyday.”

Blanco also remembers playing outside as a child, eating freeze cups in the summertime, catching lightning bugs, playing games, and doing all the things children enjoy. Blanco also started his music career as a child, signing his first deal with his brothers at age seven. Blanco says he didn’t quite have the confidence to sing at that age, but ended up finding his voice in high school.

After a few more music deals were proposed and then fell through, Blanco decided to go to art school. He soon found himself wanting to be back in the music scene, but still wasn’t sure about taking the leap to be an artist.

“Honestly, music was always the forefront, but I didn’t have confidence to do it,” says Blanco. “I didn’t have the confidence in myself, so I just wanted to figure out how to be a part of it. I started engineering straight out of college.”

Blanco found a home in audio engineering, and later found his passion in vocal production. He went on to produce artists such as Keke Palmer, Fergie, Chris Brown and Kane Brown. His production career also led him to singing background vocals on various projects for well-known artists. Blanco then signed his record deal with Broken Bow Records in the summer of 2018, and he wrote his hit song “The Git Up” that fall. The song, and the accompanying dance that Blanco created, became a viral sensation, earning millions of views on Tik Tok, YouTube and other social platforms.

“I just remember telling myself, ‘This is special,’” Blanco told Bobby of writing the song. “I put out a one minute clip in April, and [it got] five million views the first week.”

Since then, Blanco has gone on radio tour, performing the viral song and dance all over the country. Now, fans can hear new music from Blanco by listening to his new album, Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs. However, no matter how much new music he releases, “The Git Up” will always be Blanco’s first breakout hit, and he says he’s “good with” performing the viral song and dance for the rest of his career.

To more hear more from Bobby’s interview with Blanco Brown, tune into episode #210 of the BobbyCast.