Brandon Alan Rolls With the Punches in ‘Love You the Same’

His touching ballad is a source of inspiration for trying times.

Written by Chris Parton
Brandon Alan Rolls With the Punches in ‘Love You the Same’
Courtesy of Brandon Alan

Texas country guitar slinger Brandon Alan sends a message of hope and resiliency in the live performance premiere of his track, “Love You the Same,” rolling with life’s punches with his heart on his sleeve.

Recorded the song live from Hudson’s On Mercer in Dripping Springs, Texas (just outside Austin), Alan says he wrote the touching ballad as a promise to love his wife no matter what, but recently it’s taken on an extra layer of meaning. Presenting it in solo-acoustic style, with his sturdy vocal hushed like a whispered vow, Alan offers listeners in a shoulder to lean on — whatever may come their. “I’ll always love you the same,” he sings.

“The song was written after my wife and I had our first son and she was going through some pretty serious postpartum issues,” he tells Sounds Like Nashville. “The song is about unconditional love and staying true to your loved ones through difficult situations. I would also add, it easily applies to the quarantine situation where so many people’s lives have been turned upside down.”

With so much personal meaning behind it, Alan says he decided to release the track as a single even though it doesn’t have that upbeat, country-rock flavor he usually highlights. But in times like these, it’s been a powerful reminder to stay the course … for himself as much as anyone else.

“I haven’t slowed down in many ways during this time period,” he explains. “I’ve been writing, playing live-streaming shows, private-dock shows on the lake to boaters in their coves, etc. All of these abide by guidelines and were cleared by the local police department, and my point is that I wanted to play so badly that I found ways to do it. Connecting with people in general is something I have to be doing, and music gives me that opportunity to reach them. Quarantine is one of those moments where musicians could easily decide to walk away, but I’ve been doing this my whole life and have no intention to ever ‘retire’ from it. You just work with the cards given to you.”

Check out the video above and be sure to catch Brandon tonight (4/16) as he goes live from the Sounds Like NashvilleFacebook page at 5:45 p.m. CST.