Watch Brett Eldredge ‘Glow’ In COVID-Quarantine Christmas Concert

Sometimes you've gotta make the best of a tough Christmas season!

Written by Chris Parton
Watch Brett Eldredge ‘Glow’ In COVID-Quarantine Christmas Concert
CHRISTMAS IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER -- Pictured: Brett Eldredge rehearses for the 2020 Christmas in Rockefeller Center -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Christmas-loving country singer Brett Eldredge is having a rough holiday season. Last week he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and forced to postpone his “favorite shows of the year” — his Glow Live Christmas concerts in his native Chicago, sharing his deep disappointment with fans on Instagram. But they don’t call him “Mr. Christmas” for nothing.

Refusing to let COVID ruin his holiday, Eldredge simply moved his Glow Live concert online, and performed a full show from home.

Setting up a makeshift stage in his living room, slicking back his hair and putting on his tux, Eldredge went live on the night of December 21. Looking relatively healthy and making the best of a bad (but now familiar) situation, he delivered a fun-filled 30-minute concert the only way he could.

“The first ever Glow Live from my living room!” Eldredge said following his opening number, starting the show off with “Let It Snow.” “I hope y’all are having a merry Christmas! Yes I am in quarantine, I am healing up nicely. I’ve been very fortunate to be feeling really great. I’m deep into the quarantine now … and I’m just trying to keep myself sane. But now you’re here with me.

“Obviously I didn’t get to play my shows in Chicago last weekend, but I do get to play them on the 29th and 30th, so I’ll see you there, but for now, we are Glow Live-ing in my living room!” he went on. “I am your band, I am your sound man, I am all the stuff. We’re singing it live and I can’t guarantee it’s all gonna go right, but its gonna be alright and its gonna be beautiful. So sit back and relax, grab you a little sip of something, and I just hope you enjoy this evening.”

Earlier this year Eldredge had released his second holiday album, Mr. Christmas, and during the living room show he shared new tunes and old favorites. “Mr. Christmas” featured a bouncy beat and found Eldredge sipping a glass of bourbon. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” brought the tempo down for some reflective nostalgia. “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was playful and felt all-to-true to the singer-songwriter, while many others did, too.

In the end, Brett Eldredge wrapped his at-home concert up with a true vocal masterclass, delivering an impressive version of a Christmastime classic. And in spite of the circumstances, it’s clear his Christmas spirit has not dulled.

“Merry Christmas to all of you, thank you for all the love,” he says. “I’m so, so grateful for all of y’all, and hopefully I’ll see you soon.”

Check out Brett Eldredge’s Glow Live (COVID-19 quarantine edition) above, and Merry Christmas!