Brett Young Gets His Heart Stolen in ‘You Got Away With It’

This upbeat new track is just a hint of what's to come.

Written by Chris Parton
Brett Young Gets His Heart Stolen in ‘You Got Away With It’
Brett Young; Cover Art Courtesy of BMLG Records

Brett Young returns with an upbeat new love song, offering a smiling tribute to the girl who stole his heart in “You Got Away With It.”

Featuring a lighthearted bounce and plenty of playful romance, the track is out now as a preview of what’s to come for the star, as he prepares to unveil more new music.

All about a love came out of nowhere — and how he’s just fine with that — “You Got Away With It” was co-written by Young with Justin Ebach, Ashley Gorley, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins. It was produced by long-time collaborator Dann Huff and features a sunnier energy than Young has pursued in a while, with vocal “whoo-hoos” and a blaring harmonica joining an uptempo beat. The “Cali-country” singer says it marks another taste of what’s likely to become his yet-to-be-announced third album — and also shouted out his wife and daughter while announcing the track on Instagram, showing his family continues to inspire fairy-tale love songs.

“We’ve been recording a ton of music over the last year and I couldn’t wait any longer to share some of the material from this new chapter,” Young said in an official statement. “’This song was a blast to write, and ultimately pushed me into a bit of a new sonic territory in the studio that I’m really proud of.”

“You got away with it / So don’t you go breakin’ it / Girl, you’ve been makin’ it tough for me to not love / Every little thing that you do, baby / You got away with it,” goes the smitten singalong.

“You Got Away With It” follows the heartwarming Top 10-and-climbing single, “Lady,” as Brett Young looks to add on to a streak that already includes six consecutive Number One hits. The singer-songwriter recently teamed with Spirit Airlines for a “Live from the Runway” concert performance, and released his previous album, Ticket to L.A., in 2018.