Bri Fletcher Bares Her Heart On Stunning Ballad, ‘Cause I Love You’

An emotional masterpiece from this promising country newcomer. 

Written by Jeremy Chua
Bri Fletcher Bares Her Heart On Stunning Ballad, ‘Cause I Love You’
Bri Fletcher; Photo credit: Libby Danforth

Country newcomer Bri Fletcher has released her vulnerable new song, “Cause I Love You.”

Written by Fletcher, Shaina Arb and Zach Williams, the piano-led ballad narrates an individual’s resolution to embrace her personal flaws in a relationship and allow it to co-exist with her immense capacity to love. In the song, Fletcher’s velvety vocals shines as she tells this story in an achingly convincing way.

I know I’m gonna hurt you but it’s only ‘cause I love you / I know you don’t want to hurt me but it’s only ‘cause you love me / No more keeping promises that lead us to shut down / I know I’m gonna hurt but it’s only ‘cause I love you,” she belts on the chorus over a soaring production. 

“When I was writing “Cause I Love You,” I really wanted to tap into the cliché that we hurt the ones we love the most,” Fletcher tells Sounds Like Nashville. “We are at our most vulnerable when our walls are down but there is always forgiveness in unconditional love.”

Outside of her music, Fletcher is also a supporter and vocal champion of anti-bullying movements. In fact, she heads her very own anti-bully non-profit called “The Teen Guidance Foundation.” As part of her efforts to prevent bullying, Fletcher has hosted “Debully” assemblies in schools across the country, including one last year in her home state of Texas— where she faced the torment of bullying as a teenager.

“When I started Debully, my only goal was to make sure that the kids experiencing either side of bullying felt heard and seen,” the singer shares. “I wanted them to feel comfortable around our team and know that we ALL have experienced it and they are not alone. I also wanted to encourage them with the best way I knew how, with music, to let them know you can always improve and treat people better!” 

The Debully group, through candid talks and inspirational songs, educates kids on how to “debully” their schools and empower one another to rid of the toxic culture of bullying.