Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line Dives In to Solo Chapter

Catch the 'Wave Pack' EP from a self-proclaimed 'Beach Cowboy.'

Written by Chris Parton
Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line Dives In to Solo Chapter
Brian Kelley; Photo credit: Ben Christensen

Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line embraces his Sunshine-state roots in a new solo chapter, dropping four salty songs and videos. And each features an extra shot of beachy flavor.

Releasing his Wave Pack EP on Tuesday (April 13), the Florida native taps into some seriously sandy, feel-good vibes, and puts his own vocal out front for the first time.

After telling fans to expect solo work from both himself and duo partner, Tyler Hubbard, Kelley first announced his solo project last month … and now fans can see what he’s been up to. “Beach Cowboy” starts things off with a Latin-meets-Western flair, seeming to lay out Kelley’s solo plans — which in true FGL fashion are to lasso himself a spicy margarita, and go “John Wayne” on some waves.

Meanwhile “Sunday Service In the Sand” captures Kelley’s spiritual connection with the beach, rolling in as a radio-styled ballad with some deep-thinking soul.

Later on, “Party On the Beach” does just what you’d expect from the good-time specialist — turning up the heat with an easy groove, island-ready sonics and a Friday-anytime message. Kelley even gathers real-life friends like Canaan Smith and Blake Redferrin for the video, lighting up a seaside bonfire with his wife, Brittney.

Finally, he and Brittney’s romantic connection again takes center stage in the video for “Made By the Water,” a track that celebrates the simple life with a grooving, beat-driven hook.

Each is out now as the Wave Pack debut EP from Florida Georgia Line member Brian Kelley, and the hit maker says it was all born from his real life off the stage.

“I’m so excited to ride this wave with y’all. My Wave Pack EP is a snapshot into my world and the life I’m living – whether it’s a little ‘Party on the Beach, or a little ‘Sunday Service in the Sand,” he says. “And you don’t always have to be on the sand or by the water, you can take the vibe with you wherever you go. ‘Beach Cowboy’ is a way of life and state of mind.”

It might mark the start of a solo chapter for Kelley, but he and Hubbard have been adamant all along that it’s not the end of Florida Georgia Line. The hit recently celebrated their 18th Number One with “Long Live.” They hope to tour together this fall.