Brinley Addington Captures Lightning in a Bottle for ‘Still Not Over You’

Check out this attention-grabbing track's premiere on 'Sounds Like Nashville.'

Brinley Addington Captures Lightning in a Bottle for ‘Still Not Over You’
Brinley Addington; Photo credit: Jason Myers

Indie favorite Brinley Addington has a lot to say to a newly-departed ex in his new track, “Still Not Over You.” And he doesn’t need a whole lot of time to say it.

Premiering today (July 6) on Sounds Like Nashville and featuring dark, stormy sonics and a fast-talking vocal hook, the moody late-night anthem lays out just how sideways things have gone for one poor soul after a breakup. It’s a sleek, high-energy drama that unfolds with passion in the song’s motor-mouthed chorus, and a definite change of pace for the native of Kingsport, Tennessee, who’s been building a reputation on timeless sounds and a warm, smooth baritone since 2007. But written and produced by Addington himself, he says it’s one of those tracks that just wouldn’t be ignored.

“I wrote this song back in 2016, and always felt like it had something special about it,” he tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I wasn’t really making any music at the time, and when I got around to it, it really didn’t fit the project I was working on [the 2018 EP Songs From a Bar].”

But after Songs From a Bar, Addington found himself pulled in a more personal direction. In 2019 he ended up releasing the biggest streaming hit of his career — the plaintive “Come Back,” which now has over a million streams on Spotify — and the heartfelt “Changing My Mind” followed suit. Now comes “Still Not Over You,” with its near-desperate plea for one more chance — an attention grabbing last-ditch effort that feels all too real.

Cover art courtesy of Brinley Addington

“Sometimes you write songs because it sounds like a good idea, but each of these songs are written about people or relationships I had,” Addington says. “True stories.”

“I’m still missing you like crazy / I’m still thinking ’bout you baby / Every night and every day / You know I wish you hadn’t left me / Like you left me when you left me / Baby I was not expecting / Letting go to be this hard to do / I’m still not over you,” goes the lightning fast chorus.

Addington says fans will keep hearing more of this newly personal side in the coming months, as he plans to release more heart-on-his-sleeve tracks through 2020. “I feel like I’ve grown a lot over the past few years, and I want to reflect that in my music and be as transparent as I can be,” he says.