Brothers Osborne Pull the Strings Behind COVID Craziness for ‘All Night’

That's one way to battle cabin fever.

Written by Chris Parton
Brothers Osborne Pull the Strings Behind COVID Craziness for ‘All Night’
Brothers Osborne; Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

In their new video for “All Night,” Brothers Osborne pull the strings behind a COVID-inspired plan to overcome a year without friends.

Dialing up the quirky fun, the cabin-fever battling clip takes a high octane blues rocker and makes it the soundtrack to lockdown craziness. The new video was directed by Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver and tells the now-familiar tale of a guy stuck on the couch, and running out of ways to entertain himself. With all the cat puzzles completed, he eventually resorts to some pretty extreme measures — like making his own dance troupe out of some old mannequins. Meanwhile, the Bros plow through their latest single in neon-lit style, referencing their new Skeletons album in the process.

“‘All Night’ was a blast to make,” shares the duo’s John Osborne. “We wanted to do a performance video as that’s not something we’ve really done but we wanted to do it in our own style. Wes and Ryan always push the boat out in the most unpredictable ways and this video is no exception.”

“I got the fuse, if you got the light / I got the all, if y’all got the night,” goes the up-for-anything chorus hook.

Credit for making the dance puppets goes to Juan Nunez of SoCo Puppets in Austin, Texas. Brothers Osborne will give their “All Night” video its broadcast debut the opening segment of this week’s ESPN Friday night college football programming, and the song will be featured throughout the college football season on ESPN/ABC. “All Night” is part of duo’s upcoming third album, Skeletons, which is out October 9.