Canaan Smith Finds Peaceful Perfection in ‘Cabin In the Woods’ Video

Check out his co-directing debut!

Written by Chris Parton
Canaan Smith Finds Peaceful Perfection in ‘Cabin In the Woods’ Video
Canaan Smith; Photo credit: Kurt Ozan

Canaan Smith makes his co-directing debut in the video for his new track, “Cabin In the Woods,” highlighting the simple perfection of a forest getaway.

Brought to life by the self-reliant clip, the track is a rustic reflection with a warm-but-grizzled vocal hook, and Smith filmed it in straightforward style. Working alongside co-director Kurt Ozan in McEwen, Tennessee, the team found the perfect cabin in the woods, and then filled it with a couple who’s hearts burn just as hot as the fireplace. Ultimately the cabin is just the setting for the memories Smith sings about, but he says now the place will leave a mark of its own on him.

“The whole filming process was a blast,” he says in a statement. “I feel most at home when I’m out in the middle of nowhere, just enjoying nature – and that’s exactly what we did. Plus, since this was my first time co-directing, it was that much more exciting for me. I hope fans enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

On top of co-directing the video, Canaan Smith co-wrote and co-produced “Cabin In the Woods” as well. He penned it alongside Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley with Josh Miller and David Garcia, while also co-producing the all-natural standout with the FGL duo. It arrives as a chaser to the icy “Colder Than You,” and Smith has plans to release another “brand-new project” very soon.