Canaan Smith Follows His Artistic Compass to a ‘Cabin In the Woods’

Check out his rustic new anthem.

Written by Chris Parton
Canaan Smith Follows His Artistic Compass to a ‘Cabin In the Woods’
Canaan Smith; Photo credit: Kurt Ozan

Canaan Smith treks into the core of his artistic rebrand with the new track, “Cabin in the Woods,” getting back to the country basics of simple times and all-natural fun.

Written by Smith with Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley, Josh Miller and David Garcia, the rustic track transports listeners far away from the modern rat race. All about the formative memories that still stick in Smith’s mind, the Virginia singer-songwriter backs his gritty-but-melodic vocal with steel guitar and fiddle, and sings of learning to love music, learning to kiss and more — all of which happens deep in his forested happy place. Canaan Smith also co-produced the track with FGL’s Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, as his rootsy new musical approach continues to come into focus.

“I love music that makes me feel something, and this one definitely puts me in a place of nostalgia,” Smith explains. “I’ve made some of my favorite memories out in the woods, and this opportunity to put music out that reflects what I love is what’s most important to me right now. I hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as I did making it.”

“At that old cabin in the woods, sitting down by the river / All the crazy nights I’ll always remember / Still picking round the fire, singing for my dinner / And feeling so damn good / That old cabin in the woods / We were young, the beer was cold / That old cabin in the woods,” goes the final chorus.

“Cabin In the Woods” follows Smith’s recent release, “Colder than You,” and he also unveiled the edgier tracks “Beer Drinkin’ Weater,” “Pour Decisions” and “Country Boy Things” in 2019. A new project is expected in early 2021, marking the follow up to 2015’s Bronco and the romantic hit “Love You Like That.”