Carolina Story Celebrate an All-Natural Survivor Story in ‘Dandelion’

The inspiring roots anthem was written in response to America's immigration crisis.

Written by Chris Parton
Carolina Story Celebrate an All-Natural Survivor Story in ‘Dandelion’
Carolina Story; Photo credit: Chrissy Nix

Rootsy duo Carolina Story tribute one of nature’s great survivors in the new track “Dandelion,” using a gritty-but-pretty weed to inspire inner strength.

Led by the husband and wife duo of Ben and Emily Roberts, the band find a lot to admire in the ubiquitous flower — especially its relentless tenacity. Dandelions are found everywhere and anywhere, they explain, and they seem to grow back no matter what you do. So as the duo have watched America’s immigration crisis unfold in recent years, it got them thinking. Now the hardy plant has found another home — as the title track to their just-released album (Dandelion, which came out September 4).

“The dandelion idea and album concept originated months before recording the album,” Emily says. “We liked the sound of the word and its simplicity. One night we were talking about dandelions and how you see them everywhere — in suburban lawns, along the highways, and growing through the cracks in parking lots. We talked about their endurance and strength, the formidable weed, as we’ve come to call it.

“This song was written during the immigration crisis,” she goes on. “It’s a love letter urging people to keep hanging on, taking it one day at a time, to not lose that hope.”

Mixing a thoughtful blast of laid-back Americana with a pinch of rock and roll energy, the track has grown into a supportive standout. Husband and wife harmonies add breezy soul to a sonic landscape that includes acoustic guitar, drums, bass and Ben’s folky harmonica, but still leave plenty of room for the song’s lyrics to twist in the metaphorical wind. Meanwhile, a in-studio video helps showcase the resilient message.

“Keep on hanging on, hold on tight / Everything is gonna be alright / We’ll be fine, just like a dandelion,” goes the chorus.

“Every part of this plant has medicinal properties,” Ben says. “Even the sight of a dandelion often takes one back to the nostalgia of childhood. Who hasn’t plucked the white fluffy globe from the ground, blowing away the soft flurries into the wind, making a wish simultaneously?

“This song ended up informing the whole record and the way it should go,” he continues. “It’s about the struggle of the common people and surviving among the harshest elements, reaching for a sliver of light through the darkness. It’s about resilience and determination. Giving voice to those who’s voices are in the background.”

As previously mentioned, Dandelion is out now featuring a smooth and energized Americana-meets-rock sound — including tracks like “Hold of Me” and “See You When I See You.” The Nashville duo released their debut album, Lay Your Head Down, in 2018.