We Are Blown Away By This 12-Year-Old’s Carrie Underwood Cover

She even caught the attention of Underwood herself!

Written by Lauren Laffer
We Are Blown Away By This 12-Year-Old’s Carrie Underwood Cover
Carrie Underwood; Photo credit: Andrew Wendowski; Ansley, Photo via Facebook

Color us (and Carrie Underwood) impressed! Budding superstar Ansley made a splash when a video her mom posted went viral. Seated in the backseat of their car, Ansley showed off her remarkable pipes when singing along to Underwood’s “Cry Pretty.”

The video caught the attention of the Oklahoma native, who shared the clip, telling her fans to keep an eye out for the young singer.

“Ansley has been singing since the age of three or four,” her mom, Stephanie Burns tells Sounds Like Nashville. “She loves all music but she has loved Carrie as long as I can remember! I have videos of her singing her songs when she was around five.”

Like many times before, covering a Carrie Underwood song was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was when the superstar shared the clip, that now has more than 1 million views, that the family was overwhelmed and grateful.

“[Ansley] was ecstatic when she shared it,” recalls the proud mom. “She actually thought she was in trouble when I screamed for her. We couldn’t believe it!!”

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood; Photo credit: Andrew Wendowski

The extra boost of confidence will likely go a long way for the young singer, as she has hopes to make it into the music industry, or at least help others on their way.

“She definitely wants to be a singer, but she said, if not, a music teacher,” Burns shares.

Check out the powerhouse vocals on Ansley and get ready to hear more music from Underwood when her Cry Pretty album drops on September 14.