Carrie Underwood Sees Correlation Between ‘Church Bells’ and Reba’s ‘Fancy’

Carrie Underwood calls "Church Bells" "'Fancy's' little sister." 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Carrie Underwood Sees Correlation Between ‘Church Bells’ and Reba’s ‘Fancy’
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Carrie Underwood recently notched her 24th No.1 with her hit “Church Bells.” The story chronicles a young, poor woman who eventually meets a wealthy man she believes will love and take care of her. However, things don’t go as planned and she eventually has to take matters into her own hands to save herself.

The storyline of the song written by Zach Crowell, Brett James, and Hillary Lindsey seemed familiar to Underwood.

“‘Church Bells’ is…it’s like ‘Fancy’s’ little sister,” the Oklahoma native said with a laugh. “Reba and ‘Fancy’ and she gets out and makes a name for herself…she’s got her dancing dress and all that stuff. This one’s kind of…she starts out, you know, she’s young, she’s pretty, she’s poor. Doing what she can to survive. Meets a man that has a lot of wealth, and it is supposed to take care of her, and get her out of this, and she ends up with him and he ends up not being a good guy and all and it forces her to be strong, and it forces her to do something that she never thought she’d be able to do.”

The little sister song of “Fancy” was released as the third single from Underwood’s record Storyteller. “Fancy” was written and originally recorded by Bobbie Gentry in 1969 and was re-released by Reba in 1990 for her Rumor Has It album.