Carrie Underwood: Songs That Should’ve Been Singles

Here are the hidden gems from Carrie Underwood's albums! Did your favorite tracks make the cut? 

Written by Erin Duvall
Carrie Underwood: Songs That Should’ve Been Singles

A single is a song that an artist and their record label release to radio. These songs are usually the ones that best represent that artist at the time of their release. And since they go to radio, they are heard by many more people than album cuts. By compiling this list, we’re not saying there is anything wrong with the singles that have been chosen in the past. We’re saying that there are certain album cuts that we play so much, people who ride in our car start to think they were singles! Here are the hidden gems from Carrie Underwood’s albums!

“The Night Before (Life Goes On)”

Something about this song sends you back to high school. There’s a sadness that is only felt those final few days before heading off to college. It’s a different kind of a sadness because it’s masked by the excitement of leaving home and becoming the person you’ve dreamed of being. No matter how exciting moving into adulthood can be, you’ll never have your childhood, or the relationships that were fostered there, back.

“I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore”

Carrie is known for being able to get into character and smash up a pickup truck with a baseball bat, but there are songs on her albums — like this one — that remind us that she’s that girl on American Idol from that one stop light town in Oklahoma. This song is a perfect depiction of small town life and gives fans an honest look into the life of the superstar.

“Lessons Learned”

“There’s some pages turned, some bridges burned, but there were some lessons learned.” This song is included on every inspirational playlist this reporter has ever made. It’s a look at the bad things that happen in our lives that we learn from and make us who we’re meant to become. Oh, and let’s not forget that Kristin Chenoweth was such a fan of this tune that she not only included it on her country album, but titled the project ‘Some Lessons Learned.’

“Get out of This Town”

Wanderlust can be a powerful emotion. Whether things are going right or wrong, we’ve all wanted to just pack up and drive. The second verse brings another important element; it doesn’t matter where you are so long as you’re with the one you want to be with. Drop all the baggage and just be.


Dating sucks. You can’t deny it. Carrie puts a fun twist on that reality with this song. She takes the blame, calling herself the quitter in all her past relationships. Then she takes it furthers and acknowledges that in order to making a lasting relationship work is by plowing through. Man-hating songs are fun, but sometimes we need to focus on what we did wrong in relationships, and that’s what this song does.

“Songs Like This”

Speaking of man hating… we’ve all been hurt, and we’ve all wanted revenge. This song is perfect to listen to after any disagreement, fight or, God forbid, breakup. If you have any anger you need to get out and “Before He Cheats” doesn’t suit, this is your go to.

“Nobody Ever Told You”

These are all things we need to hear, and what a better source than Carrie? This uplifting, positive message makes you feel good when you hear it. If you ever nee a little pick me up, turn this one on and believe the words.