Caylee Hammack Opens Up in New Single, ‘Small Town Hypocrite’

This song is so powerful!

Written by Drew Pearce
Caylee Hammack Opens Up in New Single, ‘Small Town Hypocrite’
Caylee Hammack; Photo courtesy of The GreenRoom PR

Following the release of her first three edgy singles, exciting up-and-comer Caylee Hammack slowed things down and shared her personal story in “Small Town Hypocrite.”

Hand me down dream got me high in the rafters / Homecoming queen couldn’t be an outsider / So there I’d sit, with a cigarette in a leather jacket,” the songstress sings. Co-written and co-produced by Hammack with Jared Scott and Mikey Reeves respectively, the track is a stripped-down ballad about being stuck in one place, unsatisfied with where one is at in life.

The song’s lyrics match up with the rising country star’s own personal experiences, which includes putting her life on hold for a guy, only to have him break up with her. After gathering the pieces of her broken heart, she packed her bags and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to follow her own dreams.

“This song is one of the most personal and difficult songs I’ve ever written,” Hammack shared. “But, I like to think that this is why it strikes a chord with people, a lot of us have been in a situation where we’ve taken stock of our lives and thought ‘what in the hell am I doing? This isn’t what I signed up for and it definitely isn’t what I dreamed about.”

Because the song is so close to home for the fiery chanteuse, she admits that singing it can be very difficult.

“Performing it can be hard sometimes because it takes me back to those feelings and that place, but I know there is strength in being vulnerable too.”

Along with the release of “Small Town Hypocrite,” Hammack is gearing up to hit the road as an opener for country legend Reba McEntire in late March as well as Luke Bryan in May. Fans can find tickets and more tour details here.