Chase Rice Shares Track List, Album Release Date for ‘Lambs & Lions’

Chase Rice is ready to bare his soul with the release of his new 10-song project, Lambs & Lions, out later this fall.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Chase Rice Shares Track List, Album Release Date for ‘Lambs & Lions’
Chase Rice; Cover art courtesy Broken Bow Records

After a rocky road, Chase Rice has been on a road of rediscovery and is ready to release a whole new set of music that fully embraces who he is an artist and person. After signing with a new label, Rice is eager to share the music he’s been hard at work on with his forthcoming album, Lambs & Lions.

Set for release on September 29, the project will feature 10 songs, seven of which were co-written by the North Carolina native. Leading the record is the first single, “Three Chords & The Truth,” inspired by Rice’s past failed singles.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever know the full reason why I had to struggle through two failed singles in a row after such an amazing start, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. God had my back the whole time, whether I knew it or not,” Rice said in a press release of the song he wrote with Ross Copperman and Jon Nite. “Out of those failed singles I got ‘Three Chords & The Truth.’ I was fed up with trying; whether that was trying to be something I’m not, trying to make music that people said I should make or trying to make music I felt people wanted to hear. Instead I decided I’m going to make music that I needed to hear. When you go through tough times the truth always has a way of finding its way to you. This song was my truth. It’s the soul of my childhood, the songs that went along with it and the memories associated with those songs. It’s my heart waiting to be heard, and the songs that shaped it, especially in the third chorus.”

“I’ve mentioned my soul previously. Now more than ever, I believe our soul, spirit and heart are what life’s all about,” he continued. “At times in my life I’ve lived with all three of them completely covered by darkness, then other times completely full of life. I do know that during those darker times there are a lot of things that can pull you out, but music is among the top on that list. A lyric or a melody can hit you the right way at the right time and completely turn your life around. So when I say ‘Steel guitar that steals your soul,’ I’m not throwing that lyric in lightly. No, I mean when a song hits you so hard it rips emotions out that sometimes we try and cage in, and the benefit of that emotion finally being freed can sometimes save your life. And when you hear ‘a country song that takes ya home again,’ maybe ‘Three Chords & the Truth’ will be that song for some. It certainly has brought me home, and it’s about time.”

Rice will take his new music out on the road as he tours the country for his Lambs & Lions Tour, which kicks off Sept. 14 in Boone, N.C.

Fans who pre-order Lambs & Lions now will get an instant download of “Three Chords & the Truth.”

Lambs & Lions track listing:
1. “Lions” (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
2. “On Tonight” (Jessie Jo Dillon, Chase McGill, Jon Nite)
3. “Unforgettable” (Chase Rice, Josh Miller, Steven Lee Olson, David Garcia)
4. “Eyes On You” (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
5. “Saved Me” (MCV, Josh Hoge, Chase Rice)
6. “One Love, One Kiss, One Drink, One Song” (Jesse Rice, Chase Rice)
7. “Jack Daniel’s Showed Up” (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
8. “Three Chords & The Truth” (Chase Rice, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite)
9. “Amen” (Rodney Clawson, Jamie Moore)
10. “This Cowboy’s Hat” featuring Ned LeDoux (Jake Brooks)