Get To Know Country Newcomer Chase Wright Through His Personally-Curated Playlist

Listen to Chase Wright's brand-new debut single “My Kinda Morning” now!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Get To Know Country Newcomer Chase Wright Through His Personally-Curated Playlist
Chase Wright; Photo credit: Kirsten Balani

Country newcomer Chase Wright has released his debut single, “My Kinda Morning.” 

The Lebanon, Indiana native was a collegiate track star at DePauw University, where he graduated with a degree in economics in 2018. However, both career paths were not on his heart to pursue. Instead, it was being a songwriter and artist. 

“As I got older, it felt more and more unrealistic,” Chase admitted. “But my freshman year of college, I taught myself to play on a broken $20 garage-sale guitar.” He soon started sharing covers on Facebook and Instagram, which received incredible responses, surprising the then-college student. “Friends started really pushing me into playing songs. All the positive reactions made me think, Alright, maybe I’m not too bad,’” Chase recalls with a chuckle.

And so, as soon as Wright attained his degree, he packed and made the rite of passage move to Nashville. Without wasting any time, the wide-eyed newcomer thrust himself into numerous co-writing sessions to get plugged into the business. It was then, that he realized his supposed ‘weakness’ played to his favor as an asset. 

“My greenness when it comes to the whole writing process works to my benefit,” Wright says. “I don’t just fall into what everybody else is doing.”

While Wright never went down the athletic path, he realized how his experience playing sports came in handy as he worked on his songwriting craft. 

“Writing music has so many of those same elements of my time playing soccer and I’ve really enjoyed the collaboration throughout it all from the melody to lyrics, to the instrumentation to the mixing,” 

Today (August 14), the rising country singer has released his long-awaited debut single, “My Kinda Morning.” Co-written with Matt Jenkins and Josh Jenkins, the pop-rock love anthem celebrates getting lost in the simple bliss of romance. “A lot of the songs I write come from real places,” Wright shares. “Just trying to remember what I saw and felt in those moments helps me paint pictures.”

To accompany this release, Wright has also put together a special, personalized playlist of songs that have shaped his artistry. From One Republic to Kenny Chesney to Daughtry and more, each of these songs reflect both the lyricist and singer that the 23-year-old is. 

“I can’t keep count of how many times I’ve first met someone and first bonded with them over mutual love or respect for an artist or a song,” Wright recalls. “As we prepare to release some new tunes, I wanted to share some of the music that’s inspired me. It will change, just like our moods, however it’s a great place to start if you want to get to know me.” 

Wright is currently hard at work in the studio working on new music. While you wait for more new music from him, listen to “My Kinda Morning” above and get to know the country newcomer via his personal playlist of influences below.