Chris Janson Celebrates Unconditional Love in ‘Bye Mom’

This one's got a special backstory.

Written by Chris Parton
Chris Janson Celebrates Unconditional Love in ‘Bye Mom’
Chris Janson; Photo credit: Spidey Smith

Chris Janson celebrates one of life’s greatest gifts with his new single, “Bye Mom,” singing of a mother’s love.

Released today (August 20) and spotlighting the special role a mother plays in each child’s life — even when they’re no longer a child — the track was born of grief, but ultimately became something bigger: A tribute to unconditional love.

According to Janson, “Bye Mom” was co-written by with Brandon Kinney at a tough moment in Kinney’s life. The songwriter was processing the loss of his own mom — and as a dedicated parent himself, Janson felt his pain. But in the end, the song they created was a source of healing.

Featuring a timeless sound and a patient delivery worthy of any mother’s grace, the track finds Janson reliving moments of his own upbringing. So many times he said the simple words, “bye mom.” But these days, he thinks she’ll always be with him.

Oh that’s just the way it is, when you think you’re grown but you’re still a kid / And you don’t know you’re somebody / That somebody loves more than themselves / And there’s a beauty in the innocence, of not knowing that the time they spent / Is more than one could ask for, and that’s a special kind of love / And it’s only there for a lifetime then it’s gone… And it’s Bye Mom,” goes the heartstring-tugging chorus.

“This song is a very special one,” Janson tells Sounds Like Nashville. “My co-writer Brandon and I wrote it this year after he lost his mother. ‘Bye Mom’ speaks to everyone. For me, it’s the line about loving someone more than yourself. It’s about a greater, unconditional love for another person.”

Chris Janson has yet to announce the upcoming album “Bye Mom” will be featured on, but it will serve as the follow up to his 2019 studio set, Real Friends. He’ll have big hopes since that collection featured a pair of back-to-back Number Ones with “Good Vibes” and “Done,” and also included his 2020 release, “Waitin’ on 5.”

Janson is currently out on the road to headline his Back At It Tour, and will appear as a presenter on the upcoming 14th annual ACM Honors. The industry-award ceremony and concert will taking place August 25 at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.