Chris Janson Works Hard and Plays Hard in ‘Waitin’ On Five’ Video

Can you relate?

Written by Chris Parton
Chris Janson Works Hard and Plays Hard in ‘Waitin’ On Five’ Video
Chris Janson; Photo credit: Connor Dwyer

Chris Janson tributes hard work and hard partying in his new single, “Waitin’ On 5,” and a new video captures its all-American spirit.

Filmed largely at a Nashville racetrack and featuring some of Janson’s real-life family members, the lighthearted video is all about letting loose when quitting time comes — just like the song itself. “Waitin’ On 5″ is a true fun-country anthem, dedicated to punching a clock five days a week (and everything that happens once that’s done). Last month Janson explained that he knows a thing or two about the working class lifestyle, and now his video brings offers some proof.

“I’m so excited to get this video out. It’s a perfect tribute to the working man, to America and to celebrating the weekend!” he tells Sounds Like Nashville. “The men and women in this country work hard and play hard, and they deserve an anthem for when the clock hits five. I can’t wait for fans to see the flag unfurl – it’s a really touching moment to me. This video is also special because it includes my father, who is featured doing his real-life job as an auto body painter, and my father-in-law.”

“Everybody watching that tick tock tick / The slower it goes, the closer it gets / We’ll be cracking and popping and giving it a twist / Waitin’ on 5 to start on 6,” goes the upbeat chorus.

Chris Janson is looking to keep the good times going with “Waitin’ on 5.” He just scored back to back Number Ones with “Done” and “Good Vibes,” and each of his last four releases have cracked the Top 10 at country radio.