Christian Lopez Puts a Folky Spin on Joe Walsh’s ‘In the City’

Check out the premiere of his rootsy acoustic cover.

Written by Chris Parton
Christian Lopez Puts a Folky Spin on Joe Walsh’s ‘In the City’
Christian Lopez; Photo credit: Robby Klein

Indie-troubadour Christian Lopez puts a down-home spin on a big-city classic with “In the City,” covering the Joe Walsh favorite in acoustic style.

Offering up the tribute in a live performance video premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (April 7), the rootsy talent breathes a youthful new energy in Walsh’s dreamer’s anthem — all about imagining a better, more exciting life under some far-away city’s lights. It’s a theme which echos throughout decades of country-music history and remains just as potent today, with Lopez’s gentle vocal coaxing it back into the spotlight.

“I went to see The Eagles when they came to Bridgestone in Nashville a couple years ago,” Lopez explains of the track, released 1979 by Walsh solo and as part of his chart-dominating band, The Eagles. “It was their first tour without Glenn, but it was amazing to see Deacon Frye and Vince Gill beautifully stand in those un-fillable shoes. What really knocked my socks off however, was Joe Walsh — but what’s new. When he broke into ‘In The City,’ it relit the old love I used to have for that song on the radio. I thought man, I think that’d make one hell of an acoustic cover. So I drove up to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, recorded it at City View Sound with Jake DeBlasio, and voilà.”

“In the City” follow the one-two shot of Lopez’s recently singles, “Sip Of Mine” and “Who You Really Are.” The West Virginia native premiered his “Who You Really Are” video with Sounds Like Nashville just as the nationwide COVID-19 outbreak was beginning, offering up an eerily prophetic look at a time when the audiences stop coming out to shows and musicians take the stage alone.