Chuck Wicks Returns With Crooning Throwback Ballad, ‘Solid Gold’

His first track back is a classic feeling slow dancer.

Written by Chris Parton
Chuck Wicks Returns With Crooning Throwback Ballad, ‘Solid Gold’
Chuck Wicks; Photo Credit: Marcel Chagnon

Chuck Wicks marks his return as an artist with a classic-country throwback, dropping the swaying ballad “Solid Gold.”

Another romantic standout from the “Stealing Cinderella” hit maker, “Solid Gold” feels like a Willie Nelson classic with a polished, glossy shine. It backs Wicks’ smooth vocal with minimalist country production — just steel guitar, light acoustic strumming and reserved percussion — and namechecks country legends as a way of framing Wicks’ timeless love. Chuck Wicks wrote the song solo, and it was produced by Jimmy Ritchey.

“As a singer and songwriter, I will forever stand by my work on ‘Solid Gold,’” Wicks says of the track. “It checks all the boxes for me on what I love about country music and that’s the reason I wanted to lead with this song as I reintroduce myself as an artist.”

“Baby our love is solid gold / It will hold you like a Conway song with the twang of old Mr. Jones / Our love is solid gold / You can find it on any map / Just pick a town and any old country road,” goes the crooning chorus.

After years as a co-host on nationally syndicated radio, Chuck Wicks recently announced he had signed a new record deal with Verge Records, and more music is on the way. Meanwhile the country singer-songwriter new father-to-be expects the birth of a baby boy in December.