Clare Bowen Dedicates Powerful New Song to Brother’s Brave Cancer Battle

Clare Bowen is using her voice to stand up to childhood cancer with the release of her new song and music video, "Love Steps In."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Clare Bowen Dedicates Powerful New Song to Brother’s Brave Cancer Battle
Clare Bowen; Photo by Maarten de Boer/Contour by Getty Images

Although Clare Bowen is typically known for being the shy and quiet Scarlett O’Connor on CMT’s Nashville, the actress is stepping outside of her box to share the story of her brother’s cancer battle through her new song, “Love Steps In.”

Written by her fiancé Brandon Robert Young and friend Justin Halpin, the song powerfully sends the message that even when times are tough, love always prevails. Bowen, who has been by her brother’s side during his treacherous fight against cancer, wanted to represent his struggle with the disease through the ways of music.

Timothy James Bowen was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma and given a mere two weeks to live. While the circumstances sounded grim for the family, it unfortunately wasn’t the first time around they had to hear those words as the Nashville actress had been given similar news when she was developed end-stage nephroblastoma at the age of four.

“I remember getting up one day and wondering why my legs didn’t work,” Bowen told Rolling Stone Country recently. “There was nothing outwardly wrong you could really tell to look at me. I was just a little skinny, pale kid. But I remember the day my legs stopped working. Mum and Dad took me to the emergency [and] … I was actually diagnosed in the emergency room somewhere in Sydney. I remember overhearing the doctors tell my parents what the situation was. Seeing everybody’s faces I knew it was pretty terrible. But I had such wonderful parents that there weren’t very many times where I was actually scared. I just knew that I had to hang on real tight.”

Bowen has been performing the emotionally personal track on the Nashville tours, which the music video documents. Another heartwarming scene the clip shows is the triumphant moment when Timothy visited the Grand Ole Opry after discovering he was in remission back in March 2016.

Fans who purchase “Love Steps In” will see their proceeds benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to fight and research childhood cancer.