Clare Dunn Enlists The Help of INGRID on ‘My Love’ Remix

The country starlet showed a more experimental side on this R&B influenced remix of "My Love."

Written by Drew Pearce
Clare Dunn Enlists The Help of INGRID on ‘My Love’ Remix
Clare Dunn and Ingrid; Cover art courtesy of Marushka Media

Already having embraced her inner country-pop diva on the original track, country powerhouse Clare Dunn collaborated with Beyoncé protégé INGRID on a new remix of “My Love.”

Not afraid to push the country genre’s boundaries, Dunn exchanges the twangy, boot-stomping instrumentation in the intro for a more sleek, smooth production full of finger-snapping R&B. However, she locks back in on her signature country pop sound in the first verse and chorus, the musical arrangement transition into something more hip-hop influenced when INGRID shows up to deliver some showstopping rap verses.

“INGRID is the real deal,” Dunn said of her collaborator. “A real artist, real lyricist, she owns who she is and what she does.”

For INGRID, the admiration was mutual.

“When I first heard the song, I was absolutely blown away,” the Beyoncé collaborator shared. “I was like, ‘who is this girl?!’”

On this remix, Dunn proves to be one of the many trailblazers in country, establishing herself as an artist who cannot and will not be confined to the traditional elements of the genre.