Clayton Anderson Releases Lighthearted Music Video for ‘Struggle Bus’

Are you riding the struggle bus?

Clayton Anderson Releases Lighthearted Music Video for ‘Struggle Bus’
Clayton Anderson; Photo credit: Evan De Stefano

Clayton Anderson is making the struggle bus look fun in the new music video for his latest single “Struggle Bus,” premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today. In the song, Anderson sings about simply accepting the struggles that happen in life while realizing that many other people are struggling as well. Anderson even makes the struggle bus seem like a cool place to be with the song’s hook, “Let everyone know where you can find us / Backseat of the struggle bus.”

“Struggles come in all shapes and sizes,” Anderson says of the song. “From relationship struggles to business struggles and job struggles to health struggles, it’s difficult to admit that we struggle, but we all need to remember that we are not alone.”

The official music video certainly embodies the song’s sentiment, as it shows Anderson and friends boarding an actual school bus before it unfortunately breaks down in the woods. Instead of letting their situation get them down, the guys decide to make the most of it and throw a bit of a party on the “Struggle Bus.” Anderson and his band shot the music video during quarantine and let the video’s direction come naturally to them during the shoot.

“We didn’t even have a plan when we showed up [to the video shoot,’]” says Anderson. “My buddy Andrew Torbenson, who directed the video, made up the treatment on the spot and we ran with it. With what we had to work with, I thought it turned out great. It’s kinda the whole idea with the song, we are all on the struggle bus right now and all we can do is ride it out together. And honestly, it’s one of the more fun relaxed video shoots I’ve ever done. If only I could’ve really driven that yellow bus.”

Anderson originally released “Struggle Bus” as his latest single on May 8th.