Cole Swindell Revisits High School in ‘The Ones Who Got Me Here’ Video

Swindell honors everyone who made a difference in his life by returning to his hometown in the poignant video, even giving a subtle shoutout to his late father.

Cole Swindell Revisits High School in ‘The Ones Who Got Me Here’ Video
Cole Swindell; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Cole Swindell wanted to go back in time and relive his glory days by visiting his high school football field in the video for “The Ones Who Got Me Here.”

Rolling up onto the track in a vintage car, Swindell begins his reminiscent journey around the outdoor stadium by perusing the bleachers and singing about the inspiration behind his successful career. Thanking the people who influenced his life in both good and bad ways, the singer passionately belts out the lyrics while remembering just how he got his start to live his dream.

The video finds its emotional climax as Swindell honors his late father in the final full chorus by looking up at the sky as a nod to his dad looking down on him from up above. Smiling out of love, Swindell finds comfort in the appreciation he received from family and friends over the years and wanted to bring that to light through the video.

Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell; Cover art courtesy of Marbaloo

A relatable tune for many, Swindell wrote the track with some Nashville friends after they all realized that it takes an army to accomplish your greatest desires. They put pen to paper, and turned that universal understanding into his latest single.

“I started talking about the people who raised me, the people who got me through high school, college and the ones who moved me to Nashville. The people that didn’t believe in me were just as important as those who did because that motivated me. I think we can all relate to a song like this because no matter where you are in life someone helped you get there. Somebody pushed you whether they were behind you, supporting you or doubting you. I’ve always wanted to write a song like this, a song for everybody that has loved me way before I had ‘Chillin’ It’ out or heard my name first when ‘Chillin’ It’ did come out. Those folks have all been behind me for years and I’ve always wanted to put out a song they could call theirs and this is going to be it,” Swindell said of the song’s inspiration.

“The Ones Who Got Me Here” is available everywhere now.