See Cole Swindell’s High Speed Heartbreak In ‘Love You Too Late’ Video

He can't hit the breaks on this breakup.

Written by Chris Parton
See Cole Swindell’s High Speed Heartbreak  In ‘Love You Too Late’ Video
Cole Swindell; Photo credit: Joseph Llanes

Cole Swindell pumps high-octane heartbreak into the video for his current single, “Love You Too Late,” offering up a hard-driving blast of romantic regret.

Directed by Sam Siske, the clip pairs a red-hot muscle car with an equally fiery love interest, played by actress and stuntwoman Kachina Dechert. It finds Swindell watching all his hopes and dreams go up in smoke as Dechert goes full throttle, melting the tires off her car and their relationship at the same time. High speeds and heartbreak don’t mix — if only he had said “I love you” sooner.

Swindell co-wrote the too-little-too-late ballad Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney, and tells he knows exactly how it feels to wish you could go back in time.

“That’s why I write songs,” he says. “I have been there, and that’s why I can sing this song. The tempo of this one kind of takes you away from the heartbreak of it, but the lyric is as real as it gets. A lot of times, guys have too much pride, or they don’t know how to say how they feel. And nobody’s gonna wait around forever.”

Up next for Swindell is the release of his Down Home Sessions V EP. Featuring five new tracks, he’s been rolling out one song each month with “Drinkin’ Hours” and “All Nighter” out so far. “Love You Too Late” appears on his 2018 album, All of It. Meanwhile, the hit maker can be found on Luke Bryan’s Sunset Repeat Tour with Jon Langston and DJ Rock through October.