Dariann Leigh Tributes Service Member Families With ‘10,000 Miles’ Video

Check out the premiere of this moving video, just in time for Veterans Day.

Written by Chris Parton
Dariann Leigh Tributes Service Member Families With ‘10,000 Miles’ Video
Photo credit: Squeeks On Tour (Justin Mayotte)

Just in time for Veteran’s Day 2021, independent singer-songwriter Dariann Leigh captures the struggle — and triumph — of military families everywhere, sharing her new video for “10,000 Miles.”

Featuring photos and videos shared by her military-family fans, along with footage of Leigh performing the track on an empty beach, the clip is an emotional reminder of the sacrifices made by so many. And that’s a feeling Leigh knows all too well.

Written by Leigh from real life experience, the track itself is a heartfelt contemplation on the loneliness and longing that comes from watching someone you love go on military deployment. So far away and yet so deeply connected, she penned the song in just that situation, waiting for the return of her long-time U.S. Marine boyfriend, who is a . But the pain also comes with a sense of resolve — the determination to keep holding on, until you can be together again. That willpower is what the song is really about, and with a montage of joyful reunions, its video is premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (November 10).

“Sharing the true meaning behind ‘10,000 Miles’ has been really important to me because everyone’s story is unique and beautiful,” Leigh says. “The one you love being ‘10,000 Miles’ away isn’t easy by any means. But knowing people are relating to my writing, and finding validation in it is truly an honor.

“There are so many service members out there that have experienced the other end of this song,” she goes on. “And to every service member is someone who loves them. Someone that waits, hopes, and prays for their safe return. ‘10,000 Miles’ isn’t just about the service member, it’s also about the ones that love them.”

Earlier this year, Dariann Leigh also released the track “Let Me Go,” along with a gritty video to with it. Other tracks include “Give Me a Minute,” “Wherever I Go” and more.