Darius Rucker Makes Romance an Art Form in ‘My Masterpiece’

His new single is a tribute to making love your life's work.

Darius Rucker Makes Romance an Art Form in ‘My Masterpiece’
Darius Rucker; Photo Credit: David McClister

Darius Rucker makes loving a good woman his life’s work in the new track “My Masterpiece,” painting himself an instant romantic classic.

Written by Rucker together with Josh Osborne, J.T. Harding and Ross Copperman, the new single is a like stroke of heart-forward genius, with an easy-listening sound, an upbeat tempo and Rucker’s always-genuine charm. And according to him, it’s the kind of message the world needs.

“The song is about a guy who really just wants to be known for the tremendous amount of love he has for this woman, and I think that’s beautiful,” shares Rucker. “During a tough time like this past year has been, I think upbeat songs like this are important because they remind people that even when things are tough, there’s also a lot of good in life and good in the world. I hope people enjoy this song as much as I do, and I hope they enjoy seeing it come to life in the music video.”

A black-and-white video captures the timeless quality of “My Masterpiece,” with a couple exploring a beachy dreamscape in lost-in-each-other style. It only serves to magnify the song’s romance-as-an-art theme, with Rucker crooning an endearing hook worthy of a Hallmark card.

“I never had a silver spoon, I didn’t grow up in a castle / I never walked on the moon, I didn’t paint the sistine chapel / I can’t play piano like Ray Charles, but baby when my life is through / I hope they say my masterpiece was loving you,” it goes.

“My Masterpiece” follows another smiling radio jam from Darius Rucker, as the South Carolina native just notched his 10th career Number One with “Beers And Sunshine.” Fans can check him out on primetime TV next week, as he makes a guest appearance on Fox’s The Masked Singer Wednesday (May 19).