Devin Dawson Returns With Heart-Rending Life Anthem, ‘I Got A Truck’

A must-listen for all passionate, hardworking dream-chasers out there.

Written by Jeremy Chua
Devin Dawson Returns With Heart-Rending Life Anthem, ‘I Got A Truck’
Devin Dawson Press Image - Credit Tyler Conrad-1597420372

Country music’s “Dark Horse,” Devin Dawson, is emboldening all dream-chasers with his new single, “I Got A Truck.”

At first glance, the song’s illusive title might trick fans into thinking that it’s yet another song about trucks. But, just within seconds of the opening verse, that assumption gets debunked. 

“I Got A Truck” is an anthemic mid-tempo tune that celebrates the grit and grind part of Dawson’s passion-fueled journey. But more than that, it offers respite, hope and encouragement to individuals waiting for their dreams to become reality. 

I got a song / I got something to say / I got a will to survive / I got a dollar to my name / I got a heart / I got a little bit of luck / I got this go and get it feeling in my gut / And I got a truck,” Dawson declares proudly in the chorus.

Elsewhere on the track, the California native chronicles the path to his milestone of owning a truck, from various sacrifices made along the way to the unwavering dream, hope and faith he’s clung on to. 

“As someone who writes songs every single day, I don’t ever take any inspiration for granted,” Dawson shared in a statement. “Sometimes you use tricks you’ve learned along the way to kick start that inspiration and other times it just lands right in your lap. This song is the latter.”

One of the song’s main inspirations? Tim McGraw. 

While on McGraw’s Soul2Soul tour together a couple years back, the country singers had a late-night heart-to-heart conversation. Feeling inspired after, and without wasting much time, Dawson let the storyteller voice within direct as he penned the song all by himself.

“I’m fired up that I get the chance to be the one to help tell this story – because when it’s this real, honest and true, the rest is easy,” he added. “I found so much of myself in this story and in this song and I can’t wait to hear how other people find their story in it as well.”

“I Got A Truck” marks Dawson’s first new release of the year. It follows his acclaimed 2018 debut album, Dark Horse, which spawned the No. 1 hit song, “All On Me.” Last year, Dawson also celebrated the success of Blake Shelton’s Grammy-nominated, CMA Single of the Year, “God’s Country,” which he co-wrote with HARDY and Jordan Schmidt. 

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