Watch The Dixie Chicks Perform ‘Gaslighter’ on ‘Ellen’

Check out their bold new single's live energy.

Written by Chris Parton
Watch The Dixie Chicks Perform ‘Gaslighter’ on ‘Ellen’
Dixie Chicks with Ellen DeGeneres; Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The Dixie Chicks made a triumphant return to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired on Monday (March 16), performing their new single and spending some quality time on their host’s couch.

The Grammy winning trio first delivered a spirited rendition of their just-released single, “Gaslighter,” showcasing the organic live energy of their searing social commentary. The comeback single addresses the mistreatment of women at the hands of powerful men, marking the band’s first release in 14 years and also the title track to their upcoming album release.

Later on, Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer all spent some time chatting with DeGeneres — and the TV star didn’t tip toe around the elephant in the room. Talking about why the Dixie Chicks are coming back now — after almost a decade and a half in the shadows — they end up admitting that their black-listing from country music in 2003 was one of the earliest examples of “cancel culture.” “It’s funny because what I said back then, would not even be a thing today,” Maines proclaims.

Meanwhile, the band also have a little fun — playing a dating game with Maines to help inject some romance into her life — and generally cutting up with their gracious host. There’s no word yet on with the Dixie Chicks new album will arrive, but it will be produced by pop artist Jack Antanoff.