Dolly Parton and For King & Country Remix ‘God Only Knows’

Check out this faithful electro-gospel remix now!

Written by Chris Parton
Dolly Parton and For King & Country Remix ‘God Only Knows’
Dolly Parton and For King & Country; Photo credit: Mitchell Schleper

Dolly Parton joins Grammy winning contemporary Christian act For King & Country on a stunning, electro-gospel remix of the hit “God Only Knows.”

Already an 11-week No.1 on Christian music radio, Parton helps give the spiritual standout a whole new level of reverence, adding her iconic vocal to an already powerful hit. Written by the duo’s Joel and Luke Smallbone with Josh Kerr, Jordan Reynolds and Tedd Tjornhom, it features a wide-open sound filled with heavenly atmosphere, and message about overcoming tough, impossible-to-understand circumstances.

The brothers tell The Tennessean newspaper they reached out to Parton after being moved by the inspirational theme of her Netflix movie, Dumplin’, and to their surprise Parton accepted the remix offer right away, excited about the prospect of working on a faith-based project.

“Hearing her sing that chorus and those words, it’s a little bit out-of-body as both artists and writers,” Joel Smallbone explained. “It’s that rare moment when you’re like, ‘That’s always how it was meant to be.’ It’s pretty remarkable.”

The project also includes a video directed by a third Smallbone brother, Benjamin, which puts each of the artists in some precarious personal situations. Parton even portrays a prostitute, meant as call for grace and to illustrate the idea that no matter how far a person falls, a little help might be all they need to pick themselves back up.

“I just wanted to show how far people could go down, and I knew that was something I could do,” Parton said. “This whole thing was [For King & Country’s] project, and God just handed it to me to be part of it.”