Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ Wows YouTube Creators in Fun Reaction Video

Check out the unfiltered reaction of two brothers hearing "Jolene" for the first time.

Written by Chris Parton
Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ Wows YouTube Creators in Fun Reaction Video
Tim and Fred Williams, Photos courtesy of TwinsthenewTrend on Youtube; Dolly Parton, Photo credit: ABC/Mark Seliger

Even those who don’t normally listen to country respect the great Dolly Parton, and the icon’s music continues to bridge cultural divides large and small. And if you need proof of that, just watch YouTube creators TwinsthenewTrend discovering the legend’s classic “Jolene” for the first time.

Using their channel to explore unfamiliar music for viewers who love their unfiltered reactions, creators Tim and Fred Williams are often found bringing an open mind to sounds as diverse as classic opera and classic rock. But with Parton, they’ve found something special.

Explaining that they’d never heard Parton’s music before and only heard about “Jolene” in the comments thread of another video, the brothers are immediately struck by the song’s propulsive beat, quick-moving guitar and Parton’s effervescent vocal. Initially skeptical, soon they’re stopping the track to turn up their headphones and nodding their heads in time with the classic jam, and praising its captivating imagery.

“I love the storytelling behind it,” says rapper and co-host Tim. “Dolly, you got it!”

The channel has been drawing attention from the likes of Fox News for the Williams brothers’ efforts at bringing people together, and their “Jolene” video isn’t their first foray into country. Previous videos have highlighted Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” but Parton seems to have struck a chord with the brothers.

“This was a straight banger,” they conclude, with Tim admitting, “I didn’t expect that, I ain’t gonna lie.”