Dylan Brady Loses His Girl to West Coast Dreams in ‘I Hate California’

You would too if it stole your love away.

Written by Chris Parton
Dylan Brady Loses His Girl to West Coast Dreams in ‘I Hate California’
Dylan Brady; Photo Credit: David McClister

Country newcomer Dylan Brady blames a whole state for his broken heart in “I Hate California,” a smooth new single about the dreams that sometimes steal love away.

Written by the 20 year old New York native with Jared Scott, the track features a supple blend of country and pop — plus a touch of laid-back West Coast romance in the vein of Brett Young. But after losing his girl to the Golden state, Brady’s no fan of anything it has to offer. Based in personal experience, he sings about wanting the love of his life to be happy, but secretly resenting every square mile of the paradise that tempted her away.

“I hate California / That it keeps you warmer / Than I ever could’ve couldn’t ever have your heart / ‘Cuz it was somewhere in those hills in / A studio apartment / Livin’ the dream that you always wanted / And I love that you love it / But I hate California,” goes the moody chorus, produced by Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney with Brady and Andy Sheridan.

“I put my whole heart into every song I write, but honestly it feels like I wrote every one of them to find this one,” Brady explains. “I put my whole heartbreak into every word and feel the break every time I sing it. This song brought me the closure I needed like nothing else could and I hope it brings that closure to someone else who needs it. For me California represents my heartbreak, but California can be anything the listener connects it to.”

Brady made his official debut earlier this year with the romantically charged “Over Us,” a track which has since racked up over 1 million streams and video views. Before that he released the tender “Fallin'” independently, and has been featured on the Disney channel and Radio Disney. He’s currently in the studio finishing up his first EP.