Dylan Jakobsen Gets Under the Skin in Thoughtful ‘I Am’ Video

Check out this country riser's gripping new video premiere.

Written by Chris Parton
Dylan Jakobsen Gets Under the Skin in Thoughtful ‘I Am’ Video
Dylan Jakobsen; Photo credit: Carissa Bauman

Independent country riser Dylan Jakobsen tips a hat to inner strength in the thoughtful new video for “I Am,” premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville today (February 13).

Inspired by the poise and nuance that only comes from weathering life’s storms, the gripping single places Jakobsen’s craggy-country vocal and hard rocking sonics inside a tender theme of what it means to truly “be” in today’s chaotic world. Focusing on his own journey but leaving the story open enough for people of all backgrounds to relate, it’s a chest thumping anthem about what makes a person unique … and how they got that way.

“It’s been pretty wild to see the evolution of ‘I Am’ over the past few months,” Jakobsen tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I remember when I was writing it, I wanted to take an introspective look into myself and show all the pieces that make up who I am when you take off the top layer. I feel like sometimes we look at people and only see their occupation or title; we just take them at face value and forget about all the layers underneath.”

Jakobsen goes on to say the thoughtful track has taken on a more universal meaning since fans have started connecting their own stories to it, and he showcases that spirit in the track’s new video. Shot on the streets of Music City, it stars a diverse array of everyday folks in black-and-white style, with each one choosing a word or two to describe what makes them … them.

“Shooting the video was an incredible process,” Jakobsen says. “We went into Downtown Nashville and asked anyone and everyone if they wanted to be a part of the project. I met people from so many different walks of life and even though not everyone wanted to be on camera, I got to hear some incredible stories around words that described them. One of the coolest parts for me was just before they figured out what word or phrase they wanted to write, there’d be this little spark that you’d see go across their face — kind of like a light turning on. It’s definitely an experience I’ll never forget.”

“I Am” appears on Jakobsen’s album of the same name, which is out now and also includes his freewheeling previous single, “In America.” Named to a number of ones-to-watch lists, Jakobsen will appear at Nashville’s much-loved Whiskey Jam on February 20.