Eight Country Songs For Graduation

Rather than rely on the typical procession march playlist, Sounds Like Nashville thought of eight songs to make those seniors get all the feels about the good ol’ days.

Eight Country Songs For Graduation
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With great weather comes great graduation days. Whether it be tossing your high school cap in the air or tossing your hat into the real world ring post-college, it’s about that time that the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” start playing on every school campus. Rather than rely on the typical procession march playlist, Sounds Like Nashville thought of eight songs to make those seniors get all the feels about the good ol’ days.

You’re Gonna Miss This—Trace Adkins

Sure, every student resents something about their schools days at least once or twice. But at the end of the day, Trace Adkins hits the nail on the head by singing the unsaid words everyone is thinking. Once the procession plays, everyone dreams of going back to life as they knew it.

Don’t Forget to Remember Me—Carrie Underwood

Parting is such sweet sorrow for graduates. Saying goodbye to friends, family and everything in between can break a heart and never comes off clean. Underwood’s “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” makes us think twice about leaving the life once known after graduation, but also reassures that everything will be fine in the end.

Letter to Me—Brad Paisley

Oh the love that is endlessly reminiscing on happy memories and good times! Paisley’s “Letter to Me” is an ode to all the dreamers who want to relive the past and remember all the silly stories over the past few years. Graduation can do that to a person, and Paisley defines the notion for all with his storytelling single.

My Wish—Rascal Flatts

At this point, life gets a bit too real. The open door opportunities are in full swing and the feels are in high gear. “My Wish” defines how parents look upon any graduation of their child; they just want the best for their kid’s future and Rascal Flatts puts those hopes into an emotional ballad worthy of a slowly-documented graduation slideshow.

Don’t Blink—Kenny Chesney

Maybe we should have all listened to Ferris Bueller about life moving too fast. Chesney’s “Don’t Blink” captures that concept all too well, telling the story about an old man’s journey through life. While seniors graduating may not be getting married or having kids, they all can relate to the fact that you may miss out on the good times if you don’t look around once in a while.

Laughed Until We Cried—Jason Aldean

Nothing compares to the sore-stomach feeling one gets after a night of hilarious jokes and crazy adventures. Better yet, those special occasions remain documented in the back of the mind in case of a pick-me-up emergency. “Laughed Until We Cried” can remind those graduating students of the times they never want to forget.

Wide Open Spaces—Dixie Chicks

Life after graduation is never the easiest of transitions. Some people move to new cities, some people find jobs and some people just feel a little bit lost in it all. Taking on the next chapter of the story requires courage and hope and turning that tassel may sound like the scariest step in the world. But the Dixie Chicks sing their souls out as they tell those wandering listeners that it’s ok to make a mistake as long as you have a place to grow.

I Hope You Dance—Lee Ann Womack

Known as probably the most added song to any graduation playlist, “I Hope You Dance” remains an iconic track that mirrors the message parents give to their kids. The inspirational sentiment through Womack’s insightful metaphors is sweet enough to make even the hardest of folks shed a tear or two.