Eli Young Band Debut Thoughtful New Single, ‘Break It In’

Let Eli Young Band lead you down a reflective path on their new single.

Written by Jeremy Chua
Eli Young Band Debut Thoughtful New Single, ‘Break It In’
Eli Young Band; Art Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Hot on the heels of their fourth career No. 1 “Love Ain’t,” hit country group Eli Young Band has released new song “Break It In” as their follow-up single to country radio. Penned by Benjy Davis, Brandon Day, Daniel Ross and Michael Whitworth, this pensive tune unfolds life stories, lessons and love gained and lost across the stages of growing up.

“Like these dusty boots that walked me through / The work that got me here / And these faded jeans with Skoal can rings / I’ve worn out all these years / When the shine wears off, when you lose that gloss / There’s so much more underneath it all / You think that good is good as it can get / Then you break it in.”

“We definitely didn’t just start a band and have instant success. We’ve continued to build it up over the years — we broke it in,” the band shared in a statement. “We’ve been blessed to have had our moments of being able to sit back and soak it all in.” Elaborating further, the four-men group shined a light on the lyrical narrative of “Break It In,” one that “caries a message you learn with time.”

“Break It In” is the newest release since the band’s This Is Eli Young Band: Greatest Hits album, which features recent chart-topper “Love Ain’t” as well as signature No. 1s “Crazy Girl,” “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” and “Drunk Last Night.”

The country music band will continue bringing their hits and more across the country with multiple festival shows this summer. For upcoming dates and tickets, click here.