Elvie Shane Honors Stepdads in Moving ‘My Boy’ Video

This one's for the everyday heroes all around us.

Written by Chris Parton
Elvie Shane Honors Stepdads in Moving ‘My Boy’ Video
Elvie Shane; Photo credit: Jason Myers

Newcomer Elvie Shane sends up a tribute blended families in the heartwarming video for his debut single, “My Boy,” premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (December 18).

Co-written by Shane with Russell Sutton, Lee Star and Nick Columbia, the moving country ballad proclaims once and for all that a father’s love isn’t based on biology, telling the true story of how Shane became “dad” in the eyes of his stepson. Feeling like the other side of the story behind Brad Paisley’s “He Didn’t Have to Be,” it’s a lump-in-your-throat standout which has already gone viral on TikTok, and the Kentucky native brings it to life in the official video.

Directed by Peter Zavadil, the clip follows a trucker who’s stepson drives his whole world, and shows how their bond slowly grows, until eventually, it’s unbreakable. Shane plays a car mechanic who just happens to witness the magic unfolding, and he says there are men and women like that everywhere, who deserve to see themselves as heroes.

 “I am so thankful to be part of this song and its visual representation,” he tells SLN. “I hope all of the families that have been touched by this song see how important it is to me to celebrate the everyday men and women who step up to the plate as parents—they are nothing less than superheroes to the young lives they’ve touched.

“There was one term that was thrown around a lot during preproduction and then again on set: ‘blue collar,’” he goes on. “It’s where I come from, it’s what I am, it’s how I was raised. The video’s storyline closely relates to my story—the struggles of being a hard-working American trying to make a living and being something more to someone special. We also made sure that the actor playing the role of the little boy was five—the same age as my son when I first met him. While the video is very personal, my position has always been that this song is bigger than just my story, which is why I wanted to only have a supporting role in the video.”


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“My Boy” has been touching the hearts of country fans for a few years now, and is now Shane’s official debut country single. But even with its powerful theme, it still leaves about 50 percent of stepchildren out of the picture — so Shane has also recorded a female version called “My Girl,” which is also available for streaming and download today.