Emily Hackett Explores Regret in Acoustic ‘Easy’ Video

Sometimes the bad guy is you.

Written by Chris Parton
Emily Hackett Explores Regret in Acoustic ‘Easy’ Video
Emily Hackett; Photo credit: Lindsey Grace Whiddon

Singer-songwriter Emily Hackett gives her self-questioning single “Easy” the acoustic treatment in a low-key video premiering on Sounds Like Nashville, taking a hard look in the mirror and not liking what she sees.

A bluesy done-you-wrong gem with a devastating theme of personal accountability, “Easy” finds Hackett exploring the kind of regret that leads to empty bottles and sleepless nights. She’s the bad guy in this one, and while there’s no going back, she can’t help surveying the slippery slope which led to rock bottom, either. The Georgia native wrote it with Park Chisolm and Shannon Wright, and wrings even more pain and inner conflict from the track by presenting it here with just two guitars and one remarkable voice.

“Why was it easy / To do the wrong thing / Why does the wrong thing always have its way with me / Where is the good girl / The one who knew better / Well she picked the apple off the tree / And now it just comes easy,” goes the resigned chorus hook.

“I felt vulnerable when I wrote ‘Easy’ and I still do every time I play it,” Hackett tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I think that’s good for the soul. Find things that bring you there and force you to stay in it. Work through it. By the time the song is over, I feel better having told you about what I’m capable of. It helps hold me accountable for my actions.”

Highlighted as one of CMT’s Next Women in Country class of 2019, ‘Easy’ is part of “emotionally thorny” EP, By the Moon, which also includes Hackett’s recently-released “Gave Him Away.” By the Moon comes out September 13 and is actually completes her debut album when combined with 2018’s By the Sun EP.

Check out the acoustic video for “Easy,” featuring Producer Davis Naish, above.