Exclusive Premiere: Jake Hoot Bares His Heart On Vulnerable New Song ‘Love Out Of Time’

The song hits close to home for the singer.

Written by Jeremy Chua
Exclusive Premiere: Jake Hoot Bares His Heart On Vulnerable New Song ‘Love Out Of Time’
Jake Hoot; Photo credit: Stacy Hoot

Rising country singer and The Voice season 17 winner Jake Hoot has released a heartbreaking new song, “Love Out Of Time,” and it is premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville today (1/25). 

The tender tune, written by Hoot and Dave Pahanish (Keith Urban, Tim McGraw), tells the plaintive story of a once perfect romance that just can’t get the timing right.

“In my mind, I always see you by my side / But in my heart I know the timing just ain’t right / So dry your eyes, there’s no reason to cry this ain’t goodbye / It’s just love out of time,” Hoot croons achingly on the chorus. 

“‘Love Out Of Time’ is about a love that was misplaced in time… right person, wrong time. It tells a story that I think many people will be able to relate to,” the Tennessee native tells Sounds Like Nashville exclusively. 

“It is about two people who love each other, but the timing just isn’t right. When I came up with the concept of this song, I was in a very interesting time in my life. I really had feelings for this girl but it just wasn’t the right time for either of us. Fast forward a few years,” he adds, “‘this girl’ is now going to be my wife! Timing really is everything! This is also her favorite tune. Can’t wait for y’all to hear!”

“Love Out of Time” is the title track off Hoot’s brand new EP coming out this Wednesday, January 27. The five-track project also features a collaboration with global superstar and vocal powerhouse Kelly Clarkson on the emotional ballad, “I Would’ve Loved You.”

Listen to “Love Out Of Time” above, and check out the track list for Hoot’s forthcoming EP below.

Love Out Of Time Track Listing

  1. “This Is The Night” (Written by Hoot, Danny Myrick and Kylie Sackley)
  2. “Love Out Of Time” (Written by Hoot and Dave Pahanish)
  3. “Somethin’ We Can Slow Dance To” (Written by Hoot, Danny Myrick and Olivia Rudeen)
  4. “I Would’ve Loved You” feat. Kelly Clarkson (Written by Hoot, Dean Sams and Jamie Floyd)
  5. “La Bamba” feat. Ricky Duran