Exclusive Premiere: Kirstie Lovelady’s ‘Head On’ Music Video

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Exclusive Premiere: Kirstie Lovelady’s ‘Head On’ Music Video

Kirstie Lovelady

CountryMusicIsLove has the exclusive premiere of Kirstie Lovelady’s “Head On” music video, featuring Them Dirty Roses.

The clip, which was directed by Preston Leatherman, was shot between two locations – Nashville’s GetFit615 and Music City Boxing. “Head On” is from Lovelady’s upcoming EP, Weeds (out 9/4).

“A lot of people listen to this song and assume it’s another break up song, where someone cheated on someone; especially since James and I are both singing on it,” Lovelady tells CountryMusicIsLove. “We actually wrote this song based on a similar situation we were both going through with someone in the music industry. There are always going to be those people in life who try to break you down to make themselves feel better or try to convince you that you can’t do something. This song is about facing confrontation, standing up for yourself, and getting rid of those negative people in your life.”

She knew the route she wanted to take for the music video all along. “All I kept picturing was a boxing ring. A lot of people thought it was a crazy idea and I shouldn’t be anywhere near a ring in my first “official” country music video, but then I met Preston Leatherman, who directed the video. I casually threw out the idea and he ran with it. He took it far past anything I could have ever imagined. I’m really excited and really proud of the work everyone so willingly put into it!”

Check out the premiere of “Head On” below.

Fans can pick up the Weeds EP on September 4 and keep with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.