Fans Are Relating to Brad Paisley’s ‘Today’ in Ways He Never Could Have Imagined

The song has touched thousands of his biggest fans, and some have told him that they incorporate the song into their biggest life-defining moments.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Fans Are Relating to Brad Paisley’s ‘Today’ in Ways He Never Could Have Imagined
Brad Paisley, Publicity Photo

Brad Paisley released an emotional new hit to all of his fans in hopes that they would enjoy the meaning and the message he was trying to send with the deep lyrics, but never did he expect how much listeners would connect with the track as much as they have.

Receiving numerous stories from supporters everywhere, Paisley couldn’t have imagined the impact that “Today” was going to have on some of their biggest life moments. While he feels proud of the song overall, it’s the stories he’s heard that make it truly worth the release.

“Every one of them is different. That’s really rewarding too…to think that somebody, one person is using this for their graduation, another person is using it for their wedding, another person feels like this is something that applies to their beating cancer, or a great memory with their grandfather or whatever it may be. There’s nothing like feeling like people are loving this song even more than me,” said Paisley.

Paisley has got a big year of touring ahead as he rolls into the beginning of February with dates planned for cities all across the country. It was also recently announced that he, among others, will be performing at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March. Tickets for the Texas event are available on its website.

Paisley’s new album, Love and War, hits stores March 3.