Filmore Celebrates Breakup Freedom With ‘Nothing’s Better’ Video

His new single is an instant feel-good tune!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Filmore Celebrates Breakup Freedom With ‘Nothing’s Better’ Video
Filmore; Photo credit: Dove Shore

Rising country artist Filmore has released a feel-good music video for his new single, “Nothing’s Better.”

The vibrant clip spotlights the often-untold joy and liberation that follows long-awaited breakups. Instead of drowning in sadness, some ex-lovers end up celebrating their newfound freedom.

“Nothing’s better than us not together / ‘Cause the best kind of me is me without you / Pockets heavy with free time and money / This double turned single life is going down smooth,” Filmore sings in the breezy tongue-in-cheek chorus, while he cruises down in a sleek convertible.

The Wildwood, Missouri native—whose actual name is Tyler Filmore—describes the up-tempo track’s sentiment as “that move-on moment from anyone toxic in your life.”

“That can be a bad relationship. That could be a friendship gone wrong. That could be a job you hate. But when you finally find peace and you get that out of your life, there is such a sense of freedom and I hope this song makes you feel that,” he adds.

While Filmore’s latest single focuses on breakups, his reality is the complete opposite of it. In October last year, the singer married his wife, Paige Korte, in Isle of Palms, South Carolina at an intimate beachside ceremony.

“Nothing’s Better” is the follow-up to Filmore’s debut single, “Slower.” Both tracks are featured on the Curb Records artist’s debut album, State I’m In, which dropped last September.

Listen to “Nothing’s Better” and the best of today’s country on our playlist below.