FIRST LISTEN: High Valley’s Inspiring New Song, ‘Run Outta Somedays’

FIRST LISTEN: High Valley’s Inspiring New Song, ‘Run Outta Somedays’
HIGH VALLEY L to R: Dave Meyers, Sam Bergeson, Brad Rempel, Raymond Klasson, Clint Milburn, Andrew Hemmerling Photo credit: Crystal K. Martel

High Valley is encouraging listeners to live life to the fullest with their brand new song, “Run Outta Somedays,” out Friday, February 11. The tune was co-written by the band’s Brad Rempel along with Jon Nite and Ben Stennis, and it finds Rempel using vivid lyrics to emphasize the fleeting aspects of life.

In the song, which fans can hear one day early in this exclusive first listen, the group describes the short-lived nature of time by comparing it to a “highway” that “only runs one way.” Lead singer Rempel adds that while “young summers drag like honeycomb dripping,” the “years start dropping like summer rain.” He continues this theme in the chorus, urging listeners to savor every moment and make the most out of life.  

“Don’t wait on forever, forever don’t wait / Someday you’re gonna run out of somedays,” he sings. 

For the rest of the song, Rempel continues to comment on the transient nature of life, as he reminisces on his childhood and reminds himself, and listeners, to enjoy time with family. Rempel says the inspiration for the song came from how fast the years have flown in his own life. 

“I was 12 years old when I started this band, and now I’m the father of a teenager,” Rempel told Sounds Like Nashville. “They say time flies, and that statement could not be any more true in my life. Although writing this song didn’t help slow my kids down at all, at least it did allow me to get one of them on the single artwork!” 

In addition to its stirring message, “Run Outta Somedays” features the group’s signature sing-along worthy sound complete with banjo and other acoustic elements. The track follows “Whatever It Takes” and “Never Not” as the group’s third release since the departure of band member Curtis Rempel.