Frankie Ballard Hits The Road in ‘El Camino’ Music Video

Frankie Ballard dished to Sounds Like Nashville on his adorable co-star in his new "El Camino" music video.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Frankie Ballard Hits The Road in ‘El Camino’ Music Video

“So get me a dog and an El Camino / Roll a couple dice at the Indian casino / Take this heartache somewhere you’ve never been before,” sings Frankie Ballard in the song “El Camino.”

The singer did just that in the music video, which is featured as Vol. 1 in his new El Rio Video Series. His adorable co-star, a dog named Ella, is one the singer couldn’t speak any more highly about.

“Her white fur looked so good against that black El Camino. I thought it just popped on camera,” Ballard told Sounds Like Nashville and other media at The 17th annual T.J. Martell Best Cellars Dinner in Nashville last night (4/25). “She did great. She was easy to work with.”

The duo’s onscreen chemistry was also undeniable… but came with the help of some schmoozing and bribery.

“I just tried to get the charisma going. I had a couple of Cheerios in my pocket in case I needed to get her to come over. She did great. She was a piece of cake,” he dished.

“It’s a breakup song so that’s definitely the kind of dog that your girlfriend would have that you might wanna go, ‘I think I might take this dog with me, I’m gonna take the dog in the break up,” Ballard also said of the song written by Chris Stapleton and Lee Thomas Miller.

“El Camino” is the album opener on Ballard’s upcoming third studio LP, El Rio, which hits shelves June 10. The record’s first single, “It All Started With A Beer” is currently Top 30 at country radio and climbing. Pre-order your copy HERE.