Gary Allan Goes “Unfiltered” During Exclusive Interview

Allan is spilling all the secrets!

Written by williamterndrup
Gary Allan Goes “Unfiltered” During Exclusive Interview
Gary Allan; Photo Credit: Eric Adkins

Gary Allan got a little bit “Ruthless” while he was in the hot seat for a new “Unfiltered” interview premiered exclusively here on Sounds Like Nashville.

The country legend got right into the nitty gritty while opening up to fans by answering the tough questions thrown at him. He took on a variety of topics; everything from his biggest leap of faith to how to woo a woman was on the table during the rapid-fire session.

One of the most poignant questions Allan took on encompassed looking back on his younger self and thinking about what he would have done differently. While he gave the question much consideration, he gave the advice with hesitation because even he knew his past persona would probably not stand for the insight.

“One piece of advice I would give to my younger self? Maybe listen to other people a little more. I’m not the best at taking advice and I like to do things my own way, and I would probably be a lot more successful if I didn’t do things my way. But even when I say that, it hurts to come out of my lips. So I probably would have done everything the same and I wouldn’t have listened anyway, so it wouldn’t have mattered,” he explained in the exclusive sit-down.

Allan has been out on the road promoting his album and has plans to perform throughout the fall season all across the country. His tour dates even cross into 2022, where he is set to play in Florida and Mississippi.

Fans can listen to Allan’s latest album, Ruthless, by clicking here.