Gary Allan Pours a Shot of Caution in ‘Waste of a Whiskey Drink’ Video

One little shot can lead to so much drama!

Written by Chris Parton
Gary Allan Pours a Shot of Caution in ‘Waste of a Whiskey Drink’ Video
Gary Allan; Photo Credit: Eric Adkins

Gary Allan plays a bartender who’s seen it all in the new video for “Waste of a Whiskey Drink,” bringing the boozy romance of his latest single to life.

Directed by video ace Peter Zavadil and filmed at East Nashville’s Crying Wolf bar, the clip plays out the message of Allan’s moody song, cautioning a friend to be careful with his wallet — and his heart. Allan plays a salty bartender pouring drinks for a pair of newly single strangers, who just might connect with a well-timed round of shots. But her can see a roller coaster of trouble coming, and offers a bit of sage advice.

The fortune-telling drink slinger knows this potential hook up might feel good in the moment, but there’s a world of hurt coming behind it. He’s seen this movie before, he sings with his classic Californian smirk and a smoldering vocal, and it only ends with more heartache.

“She’s gonna climb in your car / She’s gonna mess up your sheets / You’re gonna give her your heart / You’re gonna give her your key / She’s gonna want you to change / She’s gonna flirt with your friends / She’s gonna string you along / Ruin your favorite song / And it ends with you, back at the bar / Where you are right now, no matter what you think / That’s a waste of a whiskey drink,” it goes.

Gary Allan released “Waste of a Whiskey Drink” over the summer, marking his first single since 2017’s “Mess Me Up,” and hopefully, the beginning of a new creative chapter. The brooding ’90s hit maker opened up to Sounds Like Nashville about the new track and its proudly throwback sound, explaining where it came from and also his thoughts on the modern country format. “Everything can’t sound like this new stuff,” he said.