Gone West Bid an Agonizing Farewell in ‘I’m Never Getting Over You’

You can feel the pain of a real life breakup in this one.

Written by Chris Parton
Gone West Bid an Agonizing Farewell in ‘I’m Never Getting Over You’
Gone West; Photo courtesy of Marbaloo

After a short but intriguing run, rootsy supergroup Gone West have officially disbanded. But before they ride into the sunset for good, they’re releasing on final song and video.

Fittingly titled, “I’m Never Getting Over You,” the breakup ballad features a sad realism that’s hard to ignore, as two of the band’s members recently called off their engagement. Wounded lyrics describe the pain of ending something special and the impossible prospect of moving forward, and its video makes the situation clear. Filmed in stark black and white, it puts a pair of former lovers face to face one more time.

Comprised of husband-and-wife members Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy (a former member of country’s The JaneDear Girls), plus folk pop hit maker Colbie Caillat and her now ex-fiancé, Justin Young, the band’s emotional electricity was easy to see and lent itself to compelling songwriting. But that same electricity can be hard to maintain. Caillat and Young were engaged 2015 but ended their relationship in April of this year, and then in August announced the band’s breakup, too. But interestingly, they still seems committed to making music on their own.

“After a lot of thought during this time, Justin and I have decided to leave Gone West,” Caillat wrote. “Creative partnerships, especially with friends, are both rewarding and challenging at times, and though this was not an easy decision, we know ending the band was the right one. Justin and I are best friends and will continue to make music together forever.”

That’s the backdrop for their final release, which comes from their first and only album Canyons. They released that project in June.

“This is one of our favorite tracks from Canyons,” the band said. “The music we made together has meant so much to us, we wanted our fans to share this memory of what we accomplished with our music and with their support. It is our farewell video.”

Gone West was formed in 2018 and made its debut on The Grand Ole Opry. Their only single, “What Could’ve Been,” arrived in 2019 and made it into country radio’s Top 30.