Gone West Act Out a Romantic Disaster in ‘What Could’ve Been’ Video

It's a tale of true love squandered ...

Written by Chris Parton
Gone West Act Out a Romantic Disaster in ‘What Could’ve Been’ Video
Gone West; Photo Credit: Patrick Tracy

A pair of real life couples offer a powerful romantic warning in Gone West’s new video for “What Could’ve Been,” bringing the message of their debut single to life.

Featuring Grammy winning folk pop artist Colbie Caillat and her fiancé Justin Kawika Young, plus husband and wife duo Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy (previously of The JaneDear Girls), the talented band know all about what it takes to make a relationship work. In their video they act out the romantic disaster they’ve been able to avoid, imagining themselves as casualties of things left unsaid and true love squandered.

Directed by Patrick Tracy, and filmed just South of Nashville at the Fork Inn of Big East Fork Valley, visions of what literally could have been haunt their thoughts any time they look in a mirror, while the band sing through the pain with thick harmonies and the sound of an emotional epic.

“It’s a good reminder to show love openly before it’s too late, especially in the hardest moments,” the band told People about their clip.

“What Could’ve Been” was produced by Jamie Kenney and written by Gone West and Kenney. The band released their debut EP, Tides, in January, and have since made three appearances on the Grand Ole Opry.